Ciclo 5

Tag Question

Tag question es un modo de habla, que se usa para cuando no se tiene Certeza ante un acontecimiento.

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EXAMPLE: You speak English, don't you?

Una TAG QUESTION es una construcción especial en inglés. Es una oración seguida de una mini pregunta.

Usamos TAG QUESTION para pedir confirmación. Y tiene como significado: "¿Es eso correcto?" o "¿Estás de acuerdo?" “¿Cierto?” “¿No?” Son muy comunes en inglés.

The basic structure of a tag question is:

positive statement negative tag
He is angry,
Él está enojado,
isn't he?
negative statement positive tag
You don't like me,
Yo no te gusto,
do you?


Positive Statement Tag Questions

Mire estos ejemplos con oraciones positivas. Verá que la mayoría de las veces, el verbo auxiliar del enunciado positivo se repite en la TAG y cambia a negativo.

(+) positive statement (-) negative tag
subject auxiliary main verb   auxiliary personal pronoun
same as subject
You are coming,   Aren´t you?
We have finished,   Haven´t we?
They will help,   Won´t they?
I can come, ?   Can´t I
We must go,   Mustn´t we?
He should try harder, Shouldn´t he?


Negative Statement Tag Questions

Mire estos ejemplos con oraciones negativas. Observe que el verbo negativo en la oración original se cambia a positivo en la TAG.


(-) negative statement (+) positive tag
subject auxiliary   verb   auxiliary personal
It Isn´t   raining,   is it?
We Have never seen that, have we?
You Don´t   like coffee, do you?
They Won´t   help,   will they?
They Won´t   report us, will they?
I can never do it right, can I?
We Mustn´t   tell her, must we?
He Shouldn´t   drive so fast, should he?
You Won´t   be late, will you?

Tag Question Special Cases


A veces usamos TAG QUESTION con imperativos (invitaciones, órdenes), Este tipo de oraciones no cuentan con un sujeto explicito, por tanto el usado es (you).

Imperative + question tag
Take a seat, don´t you?
Help me, don´t you?
Won´t close the door, will you?
Don't forget, Do you?


Some more special cases

example notes
I am right, aren't I? aren't I (not amn't I)
You have to go, don't you? you (do) have to go...
I have been answering, haven't I? use first auxiliary
Nothing came in the post, did it? treat statements with nothing, nobody etc like negative statements
Let's go, shall we? let's = let us
He'd better do it, had n't he? he had better (no auxiliary)


Examples of Tag Questions

  •  But you don't really love her, do you?
  • This'll work, won't it?
  •  Well, I couldn't help it, could I?
  •  But you haven´t told me if she calls, have you?
  •  We'd never have known, would we?
  •  The weather's bad, isn't it?
  •  You won't be late, will you? 
  • She has cleaned home, hasn,t she?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZnfMvX1JrA (video quiz de practica)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpVLisPQzjY ( video 1 de practica)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_RlpOOT66w (video 2 de practica)


Taller :

Exercise: contruya la tag question para los siguientes ejercicios.

Haga la "tag" correcta para cada oración.

1. They are students, _______________________?

2. She is a teacher, _________________________?

3. We are ready, ___________________________?

4. He isn't from China, _________________________?

5. They aren't tall, ____________________________?

6. I'm not on the list, ___________________________?

7. I'm the winner, ___________________________?

8. She sings beautifully, ______________________________?

9. They live in France, _____________________________?

10. He doesn't like movies, ___________________________?

11. You don't cook well, ______________________________?

12. They moved, __________________________________?

13. She didn't leave, ______________________________?

14. You saw the show, _______________________________?

15. He has finished, __________________________________?

16. They haven't read the book, _____________________________?

17. You've gone there, ______________________________________?

18. She hasn't written the article, _________________________?

19. You will go to the party, ___________________________________?

20. They won't see her, _______________________________?